Saturday, March 2, 2013

Caring Cabinet Moldy

The house is a room used for shelter.
The house is a refuge from the outside world.
Home to create something that can release the fatigue.
The house can be a place that brings thousands of inspiration.

However, not all homes are able to create comfort. All depends
the equipment in it. The selection of goods and layout
the right to make the house into the most comfortable dwelling.

The house must be accompanied by some appliances or furniture.
One of the furniture
which has an important role to the various functions of a closet

Wardrobe is one of the furniture which is usually made of
wood base materials. In addition to wood, there are cabinets made of
plastic materials, plywood, and the dung compacted saws.

Wardrobe is an item that has many uses. It is
evident from the title wardrobe, dresser, closet / shelf
books, cabinet / shoe rack, and cabinet / rack plates or glasses. With
designation as it shows that the cabinets are furniture
truly multifunctional.

In addition based on function and basic materials, cabinets were diverse forms
according to the function of each. There are three forms of cabinet doors, two doors,
one door, not even a door.
There is also a closet door
coated glass to block the entry of dust as well as a mirror
on the dresser. Any size varied from a high cupboard and
large, medium and small sized.

With many functions, the cabinet requires maintenance or
Regular cleaning and in different ways according to the type of material.
One of the cabinets that require extra care is closet
made from compacted shit saws, such as basic materials cabinets
and desks.

At a certain temperature conditions, especially cold temperatures, cabinets with materials
This vulnerable moldy so we should really give care
more. Besides moldy, closet with basic ingredients are highly favored
as a nesting ants. Usually, red ants
small and black ants are rather large and thin.

Here are a few simple tips to prevent your closet
of the fungus and ant attacks.

* Do not place the cabinets are attached to the wall because of the rainy season
wall had moisture levels high enough to
cause the growth of fungus.
Try to put the closet about 5-10 cm from the wall of your home.

* Examine the back of the closet once a week for
make sure that your closet is safe from mold.

* Clean the cabinets with pull out stuff that is in
it. Then, drying cabinets or bring to light
sun. Do this at least 2 weeks or 1 month.

* Special wardrobe, do not put clothes in the closet
before it is completely dry. In addition to causing the smell, clothes
not too dry will invite fungi and used as a
convenient for ant eggs.

* If your closet already moldy, wipe mushrooms with
wipe dry. After missing blob mushrooms, wipe with a damp cloth
to the rest of the mushrooms clean. Then, drying cabinets
to dry. Once dry, you can rub
eucalyptus oil or oil with a fragrance that is not
ant to the groove surface of the cabinet. Make sure the oil is used
will not leave marks on clothing.

* The last step, before reuse save some grains
mothballs in the closet. Another way is crushed mothballs
then wrapped in cloth and rub over the entire surface
perfume wardrobe to replace earlier.

* To prevent the return of mold, the back of your closet can
coated with duct tape tightly as possible. Duct tape can also serve
to prevent moisture on contact with the wall cabinets.

That simple tips to care for your wardrobe. Good luck!

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